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The Top Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Theme for Your Website

Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Website
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Choosing a theme for a website can be overwhelming with the sheer number of themes available online. But you can build unique websites as most of them are code-free and versatile, making them ideal for any business.

You can launch your online business by creating a website from scratch in no time with the help of these themes. How your theme will run will depend on different factors, including where you host your website. If you’re confused about how to pick a suitable theme for your website, dive right in to know more.

The 7 Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Choosing a Theme for a Website

With thousands of themes to choose from when building a website, you need to keep in mind these 7 main things. 94% of users judge a website based on its design. For your website to reach a larger audience, it should be best in color, design, SEO-friendliness, and others.

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Picking a suitable theme is easy when you know what you want for your business. Every theme available is meant to serve a specific purpose, but they all should be responsive, compatible, and others.

Make a list of features before sorting the themes. You can then choose a theme that has all the features in one place.

Ensure it is Browser Compatible

Your website should be compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and others. Not all users access your website using Google Chrome; some may even use Firefox or Safari to access, so ensure the theme you choose is compatible with other browsers too. Run a quick test to check compatibility to know you’re choosing the right one.

Go With a Responsive One

Your website should be responsive, meaning the contents of your website should fit the screen size perfectly, whether it is mobile, tablet, or desktop. Around 85% of users expect mobile websites to be good or better than desktop websites.

Today, users browse the Internet using mobile phones, so your website should be responsive to a mobile phone even if you don’t have the budget to invest in app design. Responsiveness is no longer optional. Though there may be themes that are not mobile-friendly, you need to choose a responsive one for your business.

Developer Support Policy

While choosing a theme, check if there is a developer support policy. Most free themes do not provide support, but if you’re going with a premium theme, you can contact developers to help you set up the website. This way, you can get quick support via chat or email and customize your website. Premium versions provide constant support along with documentation for future use.

Ensure it Supports All Plugins

Plugins are add-ons that enhance the function of the website. If you want a full-fledged website, the themes you choose should support multiple plugins. Ensure you select a theme that can support many plugins for better functionality.

Make Sure it is Up to Date

There won’t be frequent updates if you go with free themes, and your website will not be future-proof. Did you know that 75% of users judge a businesses’ credibility based on the quality of the website?

Premium themes will have auto-update features, and every time there are changes, you can immediately see them on your website. Updates will keep your website relevant.

Ensure your website loads faster, so users don’t bounce as soon as they land. It is said that around 39% of visitors don’t stop visiting a website if it takes too long to load. You can conduct a speed test of the demo website before buying a premium version of it. A high bounce rate will not suit your business, so your website should load super-fast.

Check Reviews and Ratings

Always do your research while choosing a theme for your website. Though there will be star ratings besides them, you need to check professional reviews and see if it secure and user-friendly. Check user reviews and ask for feedback before deciding on one.

Go through detailed reviews and see what others who use the theme say about it. Check the pros and cons before making a purchase. Themes for websites play a crucial role in shaping your online business. So, carefully research before choosing a website.

Check If You Can Integrate Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, users check a website’s credibility online by reviewing the number of followers on social media. So, you can include your social media handles within the website to quickly navigate the profiles.

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If your theme doesn’t support social media integration, you will have to spend more time searching for a plugin to add your social media sites. So, while choosing a theme, always ensure an option to integrate all your social media platforms. You can redirect your followers to your website or redirect users landing on the site to social profiles adding more to the follower list.

4 Ways to Test the Theme Before Making the Purchase

Once you choose a theme, you need to test it before buying it online. Buying a theme can be expensive, so you need to ensure you’re picking the best one for your business. Most website themes come with minimal features where you need plugins to add extra functions to make it better. So, always test the theme prior.

Try Out the Demo Version

Website builders allow you to try the themes for free to understand how it works when the website is up and running. So, always try the demo version of the theme and see if it is responsive and has all the features you need for your business.

Demo versions contain abstract tests and ready-made sections that you can customize according to your business. Access the demos and understand the features before purchasing the theme. Make sure it is accessible and straightforward to navigate. Not all users will have a similar browsing experience as you, so always keep in mind to check the accessibility.

Check About the Author

You can quickly check the developer who built the theme by going over the author section. Checking developer profiles will help you understand whether the theme was built by experienced developers or amateurs.

You can check their GitHub profiles and see other projects done by them, so you know you’re purchasing a theme that’s done by someone who knows how to code. Author information is available for every theme, so you can check and maybe even reach out to them if you want to customize the theme for your business.

Run a Speed Test

You need to analyze and optimize the website by running a speed test, so you know the web pages don’t take too long to load. Long loading time is a major red flag as you can lose a lot of customers who are landing on your website to check your products.

So, always run a speed test and check the performance before purchasing your website theme. Speed tests give a detailed analysis of what is wrong, what should be improved, and how long it takes to load a website.

Check the Quality of Code

Be sure to check for outdated coding methods. Quality code assures readability, better efficiency, maintenance, and reusability. So, before buying a theme, you should note the developer and see if the code is written, keeping best practices in mind.

Many checkers test the quality and give you accurate results. Make use of those so that your website stays up-to-date and has less loading time. It’s essential to test the themes through these methods, so you don’t end up choosing the wrong ones for your business.

7 Most Popular Themes for a Website

Now that we know how to choose a theme for a website, let’s look at some of the best themes available. Millions of people around the globe use these themes due to their ease of use and unlimited customization features. You can create beautiful websites using these themes and increase your viewer count by enhancing the browsing experience for your users. Did you know that 38% of people don’t engage with a website that’s unattractive? Let’s find what the best themes allow you to do:


WordPress Events Themes - Website Theme

Eventchamp multiple WordPress events theme & conference theme by GloriaThemes facilitates one-page event systems, event management, and multiple event listings. Eventchamp comes with more than 150 pre-built page templates and modules, so you can make/build a creative and functional event website. Event search tool, venue and speaker listing, calendar management, event listing on the map, ticket management and feature modules ready for your website needs.


Avada - Website Theme

The Avada Website Builder is the #1 selling WordPress theme on the Envato market and has been continuously for 7+ years. 600,000+ beginners, professionals, agencies, businesses, and creatives trust Avada for total design freedom.


Divi - Website Theme

Divi is currently one of the best themes in the market that’s easy to use due to its drag-and-drop feature. You need not have any coding knowledge, and it lets you customize features with ease. You can create any layout change fonts, colours, and page formats. It is also SEO-friendly, making it easy for your business to rank on top of the web pages. With over 1 million people using Divi, it is the best theme for any business.


Kalium - Website Theme

Kalium is ideal for building portfolios and blog websites, so if you’re looking to create a blog of your own, you can go with Kalium. You can build a website on your own with a Kalium theme, and there is no need to take the help of developers to customize it for you. The best part is you can add micro-interactions such as animations and transitions for your website to give a unique browsing experience to users.


WoodMart - Website Theme

WoodMart is one of the best for building eCommerce websites. It has plenty of features, from quick filtering, sliders, and a mega menu. You can also have multiple languages for the website to reach a broader audience around the globe. If you’re building an online shop, WoodMart is the ideal theme, with over 70 demos to try before purchasing one.



Soledad is another popular theme with over 250 demos available. There are unlimited colour palettes to choose from, and there is online documentation present to know more about Soledad. You can build your website quickly as Soledad allows you to preview the changes before applying any final changes. This theme is ideal for bloggers, news sites, and others. It’s a multi-purpose theme that supports many plugins and is flexible enough to create any website of your choice.



Webify is another theme that’s for all. Whether you’re looking to build a personal website, eCommerce website, or an agency website, you will be able to do it all with Webify. It has over 20 demos and 200 elements, so many options to choose from. With Webify, you can build beautiful websites on your own and not worry about hiring a developer to do the same. It is compatible with WPML, and there is also instant support if you need help. You can also get your hands on the theme’s documentation if you wish to learn how it was built.

SEO Friendly
Support & Update 
Best For
EventchampResponsive and flexibleCan easily customizeSupports popular SEO pluginsEvents
AvadaVery responsiveUnlimitedIs-SEO-friendlyIt is presentAll type
DiviVery responsiveUnlimitedIs-SEO-friendlyIt is presentAll type
KaliumIs very responsiveCan easily customize, add animations and transitionsIs-SEO-friendlyIt is presentMinimalistic Websites
WoodMartIt is responsiveCan add tons of features and customize on your ownSupports popular SEO pluginsAuto-update feature presentE-Commerce
SoledadResponsive and flexibleHas 250 home page demos and unlimited customization featuresSupports many SEO pluginsConstant support and update feature availableBloggers
WebifyVersatile and responsive20 modern demos and 200 elementsIs SEO-friendlyRegular support availableLanding pages

Final Thoughts for Choosing a Website Theme

We hope this quick guide helps you make the right decision while choosing a theme for your website. There are some of the best and the most versatile themes to choose from. Ensure you keep in mind the seven things while looking for a perfect theme, and also, don’t forget to test the theme before purchasing.

You can build your website without the need to know how to code as they are code-free, so you can get all creative and build the dream website you’ve always wanted. Also, remember to check if regular support is available to maintain your website.

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