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WP Movie Importer

Unlock a world of cinematic content with WP Movie Importer! Developed by Gloria Themes, this innovative plugin effortlessly imports movies, TV series, actors, and more directly to your WordPress site from IMDb, TMDB, and OMDb. Offering customization, multiple API support, and an intuitive interface, it’s the ultimate tool to enrich your site with diverse, high-quality movie and series data!

Easy & Visual Importer

Dive into a user-friendly experience with WP Movie Importer’s easy and visual interface. Streamline your content integration with a seamless, intuitive interface, making movie and series data imports a breeze.

Multiple API Support:

Expand your cinematic horizon with WP Movie Importer’s robust multiple API support. Seamlessly sync with top movie databases: TMDB, IMDb, and OMDb. Harness diverse sources, ensuring a rich, varied content offering.

Multiple Importer Queue

Amplify your content flow with WP Movie Importer’s Multiple Importer Queue. Manage several imports simultaneously, optimizing efficiency. Queue up movies, series, casts, and more. Dive into streamlined content updates, ensuring your site stays fresh and engaging.

Movie and TV Show Import

Revolutionize your site with WP Movie Importer’s movie and TV show import feature. Effortlessly populate your platform with detailed film and series data. From blockbuster hits to indie gems, ensure your audience enjoys a comprehensive cinematic experience.

Name & Cast Import

Enrich your cinematic content with WP Movie Importer’s name and cast import. Integrate star-studded casts, directors, and crew effortlessly. Showcase the talents behind every title, giving your audience a holistic view of their favorite films and series.

Custom Post Type Support

Boost your site’s flexibility with WP Movie Importer’s custom post type support. Tailor your content structure, curating unique categories and post types. Adapt to any movie genre or theme, ensuring a bespoke user experience that stands out.

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Noxe Theme Support

Optimize your cinematic aesthetic with WP Movie Importer’s Noxe theme support. Ensure a flawless integration and stellar visual appeal, enhancing user engagement. Tailored for Noxe, our plugin guarantees a seamless, captivating display for all movie enthusiasts.

Localization Support and
Translation Ready

Embrace a global audience with WP Movie Importer’s localization support and translation ready feature. Break language barriers, offering a universally accessible platform. Tailor content to diverse cultures, ensuring a rich, inclusive cinematic experience.

Comprehensive User Guide

Navigate with confidence using WP Movie Importer’s comprehensive user guide. Dive deep into functionalities, harnessing the plugin’s full potential. Every step detailed, ensuring both novices and experts enjoy a seamless, user-friendly journey.

Auto Updates

Stay ahead with WP Movie Importer’s auto updates. Enjoy the latest features and improvements without lifting a finger. Ensure your movie database remains cutting-edge, offering users the freshest experience while maintaining top-notch security.