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WordPress and its Domain Services: A Deep Dive

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When we talk about website creation, WordPress inevitably emerges as a popular name. With a vast user base and an easy-to-use interface, it’s a favorite for both beginners and professionals alike. However, what many don’t realize initially is that WordPress offers not only content management but also domain services. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the domain services offered by WordPress and understand their significance.

Introduction to Domains

A domain is the web address through which visitors can access your site. It’s the string of characters that people enter into their web browsers, like “”. Without a domain, your site would only be accessible via an IP address – not exactly memorable or practical! vs.

Before we proceed, it’s crucial to clarify a common misconception: the difference between and

Hire Us

  • is a free, open-source software. Here, you’re responsible for hosting your website and managing domains through a third-party service.
  • is a hosting service run by Automattic, which uses WordPress software. It provides users with domain registration, among other features. This article focuses on the domain services provided by

WordPress Domain Services: An Overview

When you sign up for a free account, you get a subdomain that looks something like “”. However, for a more professional touch, most users opt for a custom domain.

Benefits of Using WordPress’s Domain Service:

  • Seamless Integration: With everything under one roof, managing your domain and website becomes easier.
  • Security: It offers robust security features, ensuring that your domain is safe from potential threats.
  • Support: A dedicated support team is available to assist with any domain-related queries.

Registering a Domain with WordPress

The process is straightforward:

  1. Open the WordPress website.
  2. Navigate to “My Sites” and then “Domains”.
  3. Click on “Add Domain” and search for your desired domain name.
  4. Once available, proceed to purchase. Various extensions (.com, .net, .org, etc.) might be available.

Remember, the domain registration isn’t free unless you opt for a premium WordPress plan.

Transferring a Domain to and from WordPress

To WordPress:

  1. Ensure your domain isn’t newly registered or transferred within the last 60 days.
  2. Unlock the domain from your current registrar.
  3. Obtain the EPP code (or Transfer Authorization Code) from the existing registrar.
  4. On, go to “Domains” > “Add Domain” > “Transfer in a Domain”.

From WordPress: Follow a similar process in reverse. Start by unlocking the domain on WordPress and then use the EPP code on the new platform.

Domain Mapping

If you’ve hosted your website elsewhere but want the convenience of managing the domain through, domain mapping is your answer. It directs your domain to another server. However, this service comes with a fee unless you’re on a premium plan.

Domain Privacy

When you register a domain, your information becomes publicly available via the WHOIS database. WordPress offers a Domain Privacy service, where they replace your personal information with generic details, shielding you from unwanted attention.

Renewing, Cancelling, and Restoring Domains

Always keep an eye on your domain’s expiration date. WordPress sends reminders, and if you miss the date, there’s a short grace period. Beyond that, domains go into a redemption phase, after which recovery becomes costly or even impossible.

Tips for Choosing a Domain on WordPress

  • Keep it short and memorable.
  • Avoid using numbers or hyphens.
  • Ensure it reflects your brand or content.
  • Always think about your target audience.


Domains are the foundation of your online identity. And while makes the process straightforward and integrated, always remember to approach domain registration, transfer, and management with care. The right domain can set you on the path to a successful online venture.

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