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What Is Google URL Blocklist? (Remove Your Site From Blocklists in 3 Steps)

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The digital landscape offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. However, with these opportunities come substantial risks, particularly those related to cybersecurity. One such hazard that WordPress website owners may inadvertently encounter is landing on the dreaded Google URL Blocklist. In this detailed guide, we delve deep into understanding what it means to be on this blocklist, the repercussions it brings, and a meticulous 3-step guide to redeeming your website’s reputation and security.

What is the Google URL Blocklist?

The Google URL Blocklist, also often referred to as the Google Safe Browsing list, is a list compiled and managed by Google that identifies and blacklists websites believed to be malicious or harmful. Websites that engage in phishing, distribute malware, or otherwise compromise user safety can find themselves on this list, facing stark consequences concerning their online visibility and user trust.

  • The Working Mechanism: [Technical details about how Google scans and determines malicious sites, using algorithms and other detection methods]
  • Types of Threats: [Detailing various threats like malware, phishing sites, etc.]

How Does a Website End Up on Google’s Blocklist?

Not all websites are intentionally malicious, yet even well-meaning sites can find themselves blacklisted. Here, we explore the myriad of ways through which a genuine WordPress website might unwittingly land itself on the blocklist.

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  • Security Breaches: [Detailed info about how hacks and unauthorized access can lead to the website being used for malicious activities]
  • Third-party Elements: [Discussion on how third-party plugins, ads, or other elements can introduce vulnerabilities]

The Consequences of Being Blacklisted

When your WordPress website lands on Google’s URL Blocklist, the ramifications can be severe and far-reaching.

  • Traffic Dips: [Explanation and data on how being blocklisted can severely impact website traffic]
  • Loss of Revenue: [Discuss the potential financial implications]

How to Check if Your Website is on the Google URL Blocklist?

Before proceeding to remove the WordPress website from the blocklist, it’s vital to confirm its presence there. [Include steps and screenshots on how to use Google Search Console and other tools to check the website’s status]

Step Guide to Removing Your WordPress Site from Blocklists

Step 1: Identifying and Removing Malware

  • Scan for Malware: [Description of using various tools and plugins to scan and identify malware within a WordPress website. Include codes and screenshots as applicable]
  • Manual Malware Removal: [Guide to manually removing identified malware, altering code, or eliminating harmful elements]

Step 2: Submitting a Review Request to Google

Once your WordPress website is free from malicious elements, the next step entails formally requesting Google to review the website and potentially remove it from the URL Blocklist.

  • Using Google Search Console: [Step-by-step process, with screenshots, explaining how to use Google Search Console to submit a website for review]

Step 3: Ensuring Future Security and Prevention

  • Implementing Robust Security: [Detailed guidelines on establishing solid security practices, including using security plugins, employing firewalls, and regular updates]
  • Regular Scans and Monitoring: [Emphasize the importance of ongoing vigilance and use of monitoring tools]


Navigating through the complexities and challenges posed by a presence on the Google URL Blocklist can be a daunting endeavor for any WordPress website owner. From understanding the intricacies of how websites land on this notorious list to meticulously extricating them from it, the journey demands a blend of technical know-how and strategic action.

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