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Elementor Pro vs. Free: Which is the Right Choice?

Elementor Pro vs Free
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Elementor is a great tool to build your WordPress website. You can use the drag-and-drop builder to create professional sites without the need to code. However, should you use the free version of Elementor or go for the Pro version?

Additionally, what does Elementor Pro offer over the free plan?

Let’s find out in this Elementor Free vs. Pro comparison!

What are the Differences?

Elementor Pro is not very different from Elementor’s free version. You have the same tools and functionalities to build your webpage. However, you get more customization options and extensive resources to create a professional site with Elementor Pro. It’s just one of the Elementor Free vs. Pro differences.

For example, you get more widgets and templates in the Pro version compared to the free one. As a result, you will not need to use additional plugins in Elementor Pro to enjoy more features.

Your website will also be lighter and perform better.

In addition, the Pro version gives you more control over your website. You can even edit the headers, footers, and the whole layout of your page.

In comparison, Elementor Free lets you edit only the content within headers or footers.

Next, let’s check out the features of both versions to understand which one you need.

A Comparison of Features

Elementor Pro and Free versions share similar features. However, the Pro version unlocks additional benefits that can be highly useful. Below is a comparison of features Elementor Free vs. Pro plans, and how to install Elementor Pro:

Elementor Free vs. Pro – Widgets

Widgets help you add different functions and content blocks to your site. For example, you can use the Testimonial widget to add customer reviews to your website.

Both versions of Elementor come with 40 basic widgets. However, the paid one gives you additional 50 pro widgets for professional results.

For example, Elementor Pro comes with a Price Table widget not available in the free plan. So, it is more suited for professional users.


Templates and content blocks are the foundation of Elementor. The free version gives you around 100 templates to build your website. You can edit the templates to create any page without coding.

Elementor Pro, on the other hand, comes with over 300 professional templates. You can even build an eCommerce website using the drag-and-drop feature.

If you rely on templates, Elementor Pro will be the right choice. The template collection is extensive, and you get more customization options.

Theme Builder

Theme Builder is an essential feature of Elementor Pro. It lets you control every aspect of your website, including individual pages. Additionally, you can edit almost every element of your website, irrespective of the theme in use.
For example, Theme Builder lets you create custom headers and footers. You can even edit your 404 pages to display your custom content.

Sadly, you cannot do the same in Elementor Free version. You have to limit yourself to the Elementor Canvas that provides fewer customizations.

Therefore, you will need to upgrade to Pro to build a professional website.

Website Kits

Website Kits are a collection of templates and widgets to create complete websites. The feature is great for beginners to build a website in a few clicks.

The free version gives you around 5 kits, while the paid one comes with over 100 pro kits.

Custom CSS

A few people who use Elementor are professional developers and designers. They incorporate custom code into templates and website elements to create unique effects.

Elementor Free version allows users to add custom CSS classes and IDs. However, that is all you can do.

Elementor Pro gives you more control and lets you add CSS styles to your blocks or widgets directly. In addition, you can track the changes instantly on your editor.

So, Elementor Pro is a better choice if you want to use custom CSS.

Elementor Pro

Extra Features

The above are the primary features of both Elementor Free and Pro versions. Along with that, the Pro plan brings a lot more features to the table.

Here are the top ones you may find useful:

Popup Builder

Do you want to display popups on your website?

Elementor Pro helps you create custom popups based on triggers. You can also edit the design and appearance of your popups and include your message.

Form Builder

The paid version of Elementor lets you create professional forms for your website. The whole process is visual, and you don’t need any technical knowledge.

Additionally, you can connect your form to different apps like your calendar or CRM. It is also very easy to edit the forms to your branding.

WooCommerce Store Builder

WooCommerce is an ideal platform to build your online store. Elementor Pro allows its users to create full-scale eCommerce websites to sell products online. You can use the same drag-and-drop technique to create your online store with supplied WooCommerce widgets.

Some of the widgets you can use for your store are:

  • Product images
  • Upsells
  • Menu cart
  • Add to cart
  • Product categories

Custom Fonts and Effects

Elementor Pro allows you to use custom fonts on your website. You can also use Typekit Fonts and take advantage of Google Fonts by connecting to Adobe Fonts.

Moreover, you also get access to thousands of icons to get creative.

In addition, Elementor Pro comes with Motion Effects to create cursor animations and movements on your site. You can also implement effects like blur, rotate, and 3D tilt.

Best of all, you don’t need to write even a line of code to achieve your task.

How to Install

Just download the installable zip file from Elementor. Then, go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Add plugins. Once there, select the Elementor Zip folder and upload. You’ll be asked to upload your license, and then you’re done!

Final Thoughts

Elementor’s Free version is suitable for individual users who want to create a basic website. You can also use additional plugins if you want to add more functions to your site. Don’t go for the nulled versions – they aren’t safe, and if you’re building a business, it just isn’t worth saving that few bucks a year.

On the other hand, Elementor Pro is ideal for professional users. You will also need the paid version if you want to build more than one website. Additionally, you get more features and options to customize your website.

Moreover, you can get total control over every aspect of your site with the paid version. The best way to go forward to choose Elementor Free vs. Pro? Determine your needs and choose the right plan.

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