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How to Import Movies to Noxe Theme

To effortlessly integrate movie data into your Noxe Theme website using the Movie Importer plugin, follow these straightforward steps:

Attention: Before start, make sure you have entered the API keys for the databases from which will be fetching data. You can find instructions on how to enter API keys here.

Step 1 – Login to your WordPress admin panel.

Step 2 – Navigate to the Movie Importer section on the left menu.

Step 3 – This plugin provides an Importer Settings Wizard that guides you through the configuration process for import settings. Here, you will specify which API to download from, where to save the downloaded content, and which fields to save in your metadata or taxonomy fields.

Step 4 – Configure Import Rules After you’ve completed the Importer Settings Wizard, you’ll be able to define import rules. Here you can search for movies according to your specified rules, and then select the movies you want to import from the search results. These selections will be added to the import queue.

Step 5 – Monitoring Your Import Status After the initial setup, you can monitor the status of your imports from the settings page. This includes which movies have been imported, their import status, and any errors that might have occurred during the import process.