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How to Creating Google Maps API

Step 1 – Firstly, go to Google Maps Platform website.

Step 2 – Login to the site with your Google account.

Step 3 – After logging into the site, click on ‘Get Started’ button at the site header.

Step 4 – You will redirect to Google Cloud Platform and you will access to the Google API overview page. Click on the project chooser dropdown at the right of the logo.

Step 5 – Choose a project from this step. If you don’t have any project, you click on ‘New Project’ button.

Step 6 – Enter the details of the new project in this step.

Step 7 – If the billing details page comes, configure billing settings in this page and next other page.

Step 8 – Click on ‘APIs’ link from the menu.

Step 9 – Click on ‘Maps JavaScript API’ item.

Step 10 – You created a API for JavaScript. Next, open the Credentials tab and click on ‘Credentials in the API Manager’ link.

Step 11 – Click on ‘Create Credentials > API Key’ link.

Step 12 – Copy the API key and enter the key to API key field of the theme settings panel.

Step 13 – Click on the restrict button. You will make API key settings.

Step 14 – Choose ‘HTTP referrers (web sites)’ option from ‘Application restrictions’ field.

Step 15 – Enter your website URLs from ‘Website restrictions’. Example:*

Step 16 – Click on the save. Your API key is ready!