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Using Adobe Fonts

Step 1 – Navigate to the Appearance > Customize from the WordPress dashboard.

Step 2 – Open the ‘Typography > Typekit Integration’ pane.

Step 3 – Active the ‘Typekit’ field.

Step 4 – Enter your typekit ID from the ‘Typekit ID’ field.

Step 5 – Click the ‘Create a Font’ from the ‘Typekit Fonts’ field.

Do this for each font you want to add.

Step 6 – Enter the font details you want to add.

  • Font Slug: Enter font slug name. Example: paralucent
  • Font Name: Enter font name. Example: Paralucent
  • Variants: Choose font variants from the dropdown.

Step 7 – Save the settings and refresh the page. Adobe Fonts will be added to the font list. You can now use Adobe Fonts in the typography customizer.