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Creating Names

Step 1 – Navigate to the Names > Add New from the WordPress dashboard.

Step 2 – You will see a standard WordPress editor and post creation screen.

Step 3 – You can add a title and description to the name. The expected controls for saving it as a draft or publishing it are present.

Step 4 – Just like regular WordPress posts you can use taxonomies. These taxonomies will be used in both the name details and the name search tool.

  • Genders
  • Star Signs
  • Jobs
  • Languages
  • Countries
  • Tags

Step 5 – Upload a featured image from the ‘Featured Image’ field. Also, you can define a excerpt from the ‘Excerpt’ field.

Step 6 – Currently, the name is ready to be published, but you can turn the name into a higher quality content by filling out the other fields. Below I will explain in detail what all the fields do, so that you can fill them in easily. You can also check out the demo of Noxe, it might give you a good idea.

Now scroll a little to the bottom of the page and you will see the name details section. This area contains the name details and the name management controllers. This area is divided into sections for easier use.

For all areas where you select the ‘Default’ option, the selection in the theme settings will be used automatically.

  • Details: In this section, you can find general details of the name.
    • Content Title: You can enter a title for the content.
    • Content Subtitle: You can enter a subtitle for the content.
    • Mini Biography: You can enter a mini biography of the name.
    • Birth Name: You can enter the birth name of the name.
    • Birthday: You can enter the birthday of the name.
    • Place of Birth: You can enter the place of birth for the name.
    • Nicknames: You can enter the nicknames of the name.
    • Alternate Names: You can enter the alternate names of the name.
    • Height: You can enter the height of the name.
    • Spouses: You can enter the spouses of the name.
    • Salaries: You can enter the salaries of the name.
    • Other Works: You can enter the other works of the name.
  • Photos & Videos: In this section, you can the upload/add medias of the name.
    • Cover Background: You can upload a custom background to the page title bar.
    • Profile Photo: You can upload a profile photo for the name. This photo will be profile photo of the name. Recommended size: 650×870
    • Photos: You can upload photos for the name’s photo gallery.
    • Videos: You can add videos for the name’s video gallery.
  • Publicity
    • Print Biographies: You can add the print biographies of the name.
    • Portrayals: You can add the portrayals of the name.
    • Interviews: You can add the interviews of the name.
    • Articles: You can add the articles of the name.
    • Pictorials: You can add the pictorials of the name.
    • Magazine Covers: You can add the magazine of the name.
  • Did You Know?: In this section, you can the add faq and extra details of the name.
    • Personal Quotes: You can add the frequently asked questions of the name.
    • Trademarks: You can add the trademarks of the name.
    • Trivia: You can add the travia of the name.
    • Frequently Asked Questions: You can add the frequently asked questions of the name.
  • Contact:
    • Social Media Sites: You can add the social media sites of the name.
  • Sites: In this section, you can add social media sites and other sites for the name.
    • Official Sites: You can add the official sites of the name.
    • Miscellaneous Sites: You can add the miscellaneous sites of the name.
    • Photograph Sites: You can add the photograph sites of the name.
    • Video Clip and Trailer Sites: You can add the video clip and trailer sites of the name.
    • Sound Clip Sites: You can add the sound clip sites of the name.
  • Others: In this section, you can find other page customize settings.
  • Modules: In this section, you can customize the modules for this name.

With these features, you can visualize your name and better promote your content.

Step 7 – Now that everything is ready, you can press the ‘Publish’ button to publish your content.