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How to Show the Number of Attendees or Tickets Sold

Step 1 – Go the Events > All Events.

Step 2 – Click on the event for which you want to show the number of attendees.

Step 6 – Locate the ‘Event Details’.

Step 7 – Open the ‘General Tabs’ tab.

Step 8 – Locate the ‘Attendees’ field. You will see two options in this field: WooCommerce Product and Manual.

WooCommerce Product

In this article, we have explained how you can sell tickets with WooCommerce. When WooCommerce products are sold, your number of attendees will increase with each sold product. In other words, the number of tickets sold will mean the number of attendees.

If you select the WooCommerce Product option, the WooCommerce Product field will be displayed. Select the product for which you want to link the number of attendees.

Manual Quantity

It’s a very simple feature. When you select this, manually enter the number of attendees in the ‘Attendee Count’ field that opens. It will not increase automatically, you have to increase it manually.

Step 9 – You can save or update the page.