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License Information

If you’re buying a WordPress theme or plugin on the ThemeForest platform, you’ll need to choose between two licensing options: the Regular License and the Extended License. For most users, the Regular License will be sufficient. Envato handles the purchasing, invoicing, and licensing process.

To help you out, we’ve outlined the basics of the Regular License below, as well as included a section on transferring licenses. However, we suggest checking out ThemeForest’s official licensing terms to gain a deeper understanding of what each license entails.

The Essentials of the Regular License #

What You’re Allowed to Do: #

  1. As the purchaser, the Regular License grants you a continuous, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use a WordPress theme or plugin of Gloria Themes.
  2. You’re authorized to utilize a WordPress theme or plugin of Gloria Themes to create a single website (end product), either for yourself or a client.
  3. The end product website is formed through customization in a WordPress theme or plugin of Gloria Themes, requiring skill and effort to construct.
  4. You can create one website (end product) for a client and sell that single website (end product) to them for a fee, which will transfer the license to your client.
  5. You can use a WordPress theme or plugin of Gloria Themes with other works and plugins to create your single website (end product) as long as it complies with the license terms.

What You’re Not Allowed to Do: #

  1. The website (end product) cannot be sold to multiple clients.
  2. You cannot distribute a WordPress theme or plugin of Gloria Themes as stock, in a tool or template, or with source files.
  3. Although you can modify a WordPress theme or plugin of Gloria Themes, you cannot use a single component of a WordPress theme or plugin of Gloria Themes on a stand-alone basis.
  4. You cannot allow an end user to extract a WordPress theme or plugin of Gloria Themes and use it separately from the website (end product).
  5. You cannot use the a WordPress theme or plugin of Gloria Themes or Gloria Themes logo, or any associated trademarks with Gloria Themes.

The Essentials of the Extended License #

he Extended License is an option available for purchase on ThemeForest, an online marketplace for digital products including website templates, plugins and themes. The Extended License grants users additional rights beyond those provided by the Regular License.

With the Extended License, users are allowed to use the digital product they purchase for an unlimited number of websites or projects, both personal and commercial. This means that users can use the product on multiple websites or projects they own, or even for clients’ websites or projects.

In addition, the Extended License also allows users to modify and create derivative works of the digital product, as long as the resulting work is still subject to the terms of the Extended License. This means that users can customize the product to their needs, and even combine it with other works to create a unique end product.

However, it’s important to note that the Extended License does not allow for the redistribution of the digital product in any form, including as a stock product, template, or with source files. The Extended License also does not transfer the copyright of the digital product to the user.

Overall, the Extended License offers users greater flexibility in using and customizing digital products purchased on ThemeForest. It’s a good option for users who need to use the product for multiple projects or clients, or who want to make significant modifications to the product. However, users should carefully review the terms of the Extended License before purchasing to ensure that it meets their needs.

How can I Transfer My License to Another Domain? #

First, create a ticket to our support site. Share your purchase code with our representative. We will cancel the registration of your purchase code from your existing domain. You can then register it to a new domain name.